On Saturday, June 9th, in prague there was a festival Kaleidoskop 2018. Ukrainian European Perspective took part in it as wel.

Ukraine this year, traditionally, we may say, was presented from different sides – guests had a chance to try traditional Ukrainian cuisine, to buy books and souvenirs, to learn to make traditional doll and see how tapestry is made. For children there was a master-class by illustrator Oleksandr Kurylo and writer Dzvinka Torokhtushko.

Zveřejnil(a) UAPORTAL.CZ dne 9. červen 2018

Фестиваль “Калейдоскоп” за підтримки міської частини Праги 4 проходив уже вчетверте. Саме цей фестиваль, наприклад, полюбився українському гурту “Zapaska”, що приїжджав із виступами у минулому і позаминулому роках.

Zveřejnil(a) UAPORTAL.CZ dne 23. květen 2018

Festival Kaleidoskop is special because of its “family atmosphere”. Only those, who are really interested in foreign cultures and who want to try something new, come here. People also come here with children, who just love jumping around barefoot on the grass accompanied by the beats of unusual instruments and exotic motives. This festive day is a true joy for one’s soul!

This year, for example, visitors were not scared away even by the heavy rain. They just had to hide under the tents, and the last performance of the concert had to be moved to the nearby par cafe. (That was the day when we once more realized what a good idea it was to have two spacious tents! Everyone who wanted to wait for the rain to finish while eating delicious borshch was welcomed – and there were many people!)

Ukrainian European Perspective considers it an honour to represent Ukraine at the Kaleidoskop festival. In the last three years of Ukraine’s team participation at the festival the Kaleidoskop family has formed. Our friends start cooking, preparing everything, making souvenirs and preparing craft baskets several days before the actual festival. And then, when everything is eaten by the guests and all master-classes are done, we start planning the next year’s festival.

We also count the money, gathered during festival. This year we have managed to collect 14 200 Czech Crouns! This money will be used for the children summer camp of the project “Czech holidays for Ukrainian children”.

We thank everyone who has come to the multicultural festival Kaleidoskop this year! And who has not – we are looking forward to seeing you there next year!

Video: Galina Andrejciv, Roman Mykhalchuk
Photo: The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, UAportal.cz, Marharyta Golobrodska, Zina Havryliuk, Galina Andrejciv