The Ukrainian European Perspective

UEP is an international non-governmental organisation registered in Prague on April 7, 2011, based on a decision passed by the Czech Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs registration number č.j .: MV-13820-11 / VS-2011, IČ .: 72541954.

Our Mission

UEP mission is to promote
European integration of Ukraine


To further develop cultural, trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, implement humanitarian projects to support Ukraine and protect the rights and interests of the Ukrainians.

To unite the efforts of all non-indifferent people, regardless of their citizenship, in ongoing projects targeted to increase the attention of European society to the political events, Russian propaganda, and the real situation in eastern Ukraine.

UEP founders

Vasyl Danyliv

is a successful Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, public figure, citizen of Ukraine with a permanent place of residence in the Czech Republic.

Bohdan Danylyshyn

– a Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, former Minister of Economy of Ukraine, and a dissident. He was persecuted by Yanukovych regime and received political asylum in the Czech Republic, a citizen of Ukraine.

Irina Khalupa

is the editor of Radio Liberty, a leading program about Ukraine in a global context, a US citizen.

Galina Andreytsev

is a public activist, volunteer, head of the Ukrainian European Perspective, a citizen of Ukraine with a permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

Our Team


Founder and Сhairman of the UEP


Chairman of the UEP Supervisory Board, Coordinator of the project “Europe in Ukraine”


Founder and Executive Director of UEP, Coordinator of the project “Assist Ukraine together”


Director of Public Relations of the project “Europe in Ukraine”


Volunteer, Managing Director of the project “Europe in Ukraine”


Media Communications, Coordination of Cultural and Educational Projects
Strategic goals and objectives

Our goal is to promote
Ukraine’s interests in Europe

in order to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

To represent and protect Ukraine’s interests in the European Parliament, therefore creating and maintaining a positive image of Ukraine in Europe. To bring together the efforts of world-class active public and political leaders  to implement the European standards of life in Ukraine and to build a strong democratic European country.

Our projects

In the first years of its existence, the Ukrainian European Perspective actively worked to expose the crimes of the Yanukovych regime and the release of political prisoners, and to study and prepare materials for the “Black Book of Corruption of Yanukovich’s Government.”

The Czech-Ukrainian humanitarian project “SOS – Help people on the Maidan survive”.
We started gathering aid for people on Maydan. We have sent medicine, warm clothes, food, and remedies from the Czech Republic to Kiev. We also coordinated and cared for the wounded Maidan participants who were undergoing treatment and rehab in the Czech Republic.

During this period, we were given assistance of about CZK 1 ml.

After the Russian invasion and seizure of the Crimea and eastern areas of Ukraine, our activities were directed to the project “Assist Ukraine together – Czechia”.

This new project was aimed at assistance to civilian population and Ukrainian military in the ATO zone, military and field hospitals, wounded ATO fighters, temporary migrants from Crimea and Donbass, families of persihed, children’s homes on the line of separation and seriously ill children.

From the first months of 2014 to this day,
we successfully implemented and conduct
the following projects:

  • “Czech Vacations” – Summer and winter holidays and rehab for children from Ukraine.
  • «List of Dreams» – targeted financial assistance, damaged houses repair, training courses payments, purchase and delivery of gifts and necessary things for the families of the perished.
  • Through the local media and television we actively draw attention of the European community to the problems and the real situation in the east of Ukraine and appeal to the European Parliament for the strengthening of international sanctions against Russia, the country of the aggressor. We arrange meetings of Ukrainian military, volunteers, political and public figures with the European community.
  • Assistance to the “Rehabilitation Center in the Ivano-Frankivsk region” – rehabilitation and assistance for the Ukrainian soldiers to return to civilian life.
  • “Ukraine – Welcome to Europe!” – this project is aimed at cultural cooperation between Ukraine and the Czech Republic, popularisation of Ukraine, creation and constant support of Ukraine’s positive image in Europe. Organisation of music festivals, concerts, charity fairs and auctions, artistic exhibitions, creative meetings, and also represent Ukraine in multicultural events and events in Prague.
  • We are the co-founders of the unique project “Prague Maidan” – one of the longest street actions, which began in September 2014 in the center of Prague and operates to this day.

Since the time of the Maidan the international non-governmental organization "Ukrainian European Perspective” provided assistance to Ukraine in the amount of CZK 4,000,000.
This made possible due to the help and constant support of Ukrainians living abroad and our Czech friends.

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