On Friday, June 22nd, in Munich, delegation from Ukrainian European Perspective took part in the meeting regarding Fateful year 2018 – what is needed for the future of Europe (Schicksalsjahr 2018 – Was jetzt für Europas Zukunft notwendig ist). Marianna Danyliv, Coordinator of the project Europe in Ukraine and Economy Senator of the European Economic Senate, and Vasyl Danyliv, Founder and Chairman of the UEP, have visited Munich in order to speak to the leading European politicians.

Meeting was opened by Ingo Friedrich, president of the European Economic Senate and a member of the Ukrainian Support Group in the project Europe in Ukraine. Mr Friendrich then welcomed his colleague from the Christian Social Union in Bavaria and Leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament Manfred Weber.

Manfred Weber held a discussion focused on some of the critical issues, that European Union and Europe as a whole had been facing recently. Among them: world’s geopolitical situation and trade, political course of Trump’s America and weakening of NATO, Brexit and refugee crisis, financial and investment strategies of EU, as well as changes to the voting system. Among other topic, Ukraine – EU relations were discussed.

Manfred Weber mentioned that after visiting Ukraine personally he has become especially interested in Ukrainian realities. During the visit he had a chance to meet young people, who had taken part in the Revolution, and to talk to them. Discussions, as Mr Weber noticed, had revealed the simple truth behind the Revolution – progressive Ukrainians want to live in stability in the constitutional state, as well as have aspirations to become a part of Europe. Manfred Weber compared Ukrainian Revolution with demonstrations in Berlin, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, and assured everyone present that Europe was going to extend the helping hand to Ukraine. “Ukraine deserves our help, and we need Ukraine – so we will offer our support” – added he, concluding the discussion, and thanked Mr and Mrs Danyliv for their participation.

Followed by the official dinner, this meeting has provided members of the Ukrainian Support Group with an important opportunity to talk about Ukrainian question in the context of global European politics – both during the official discussion and later on a more personal level.