Company Isolit-Bravo has sent help to Ukraine again

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Not so long ago a Czech Company Isolit-Bravo from a town Jablonné nad Orlicí has sent another truck full of humanitarian aid for Ukraine. 24 tons of a high-quality flour has left to the small town Volovets in Zakarpattia region. 

As an owner and CEO of the company Kvido Štěpánek says: “If one has more than one needs, he should help others”. 

Kvido Štěpánek is a philanthropist and a very brave person with a kind heart. To be honest, in the first league of Czech business there are not many people who would openly criticize Russia and help Ukraine. Kvido is different. The owner of the Czech machine-building Company Isolit-Bravo, he has 11 camions, that started bringing humanitarian aid to Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea. There is a Ukrainian flag hanging in his shop, he remembers the occupation in 1968 and knows, how important help is for us.



Isolit-Bravo produces kitchen appliances and car parts. It is widely discussed in Czech Republic – not only because its annual revenue amounts to more than a billion dollars – but also because its owner Kvido Štěpánek continuously allocates millions from it to the charitable goals. He helps Ukraine and refugee camps. When the situation was critical and politics in Brussles urged Czech Republic to accept 1591 persons, Kvido offered work and accommodation in his dormitories to the refugees.


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