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Help for the family of Yaroslav Burban from the 79th brigade

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Assist Ukraine together – reporting the work done.

Lviv, Yaroslav Burban, soldier of the 79th brigade. As a memory from the war, he suffers a post-concussion syndrome. In a civil life Yaroslav was a lawyer. Now he is trying to find a job. His wife Natalia and 8-year-old son Danylko help father and support him.

Thanks tou you, we have also had a chance to help them:
– bout a sports bike and a book about Ukrainian Hetmans for Danylko;
– fixed some necessary things, that family had asked us about:

  • bricked an old window in the corridor, as it’d been there just for winds to blow and was only depriving the corridor of useful space;
  • bought and installed new entrance door;
  • bought and installed new window above the entrance door for some sun light to get in;

We have provided help amounting to 14.230 UAH = 550 USD in total.

This is a financial aid, that our restless Czech friends and Ukrainians in Czech Republic keep sending to our transparent account. I am entirely grateful to you, my dear! Let God help you for your good deeds!  

Big and sincere THANK YOU to the friend and a helper from “Help the front line” Petro Shukatka. He is our hands and mind in Ukraine. Without his help and organizational skills we would not have managed it!
Peace to all of us!

We keep helping:
Project Assisting Ukraine together – Czech Republic, Projekt Pomáháme Ukrajině spolu – Česko.
Number of an UEP transparent bank account for helping Ukrainian soldiers, families of the deceased heroes, seriously ill children: Raiffeisen Bank 6283201001 / 5500 with a note SOS.UKRAJINA.CZ your name and surname.

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