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Tablet for Zlata Kekukh

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Do you remember our little brave Zlata Kekukh from Lviv? The girl was born with a terrible disorder – cystic fibrosis. This is a disorder, that affects bronchi and lungs, pancreas and other glands. Every day is a fight for breath and a fight with the infection for children with this disorder. And for parents of such children – it is high financial costs of medicaments and treatments. These children are special and they need a on-stop supervision. Zlata’s parents – Natalia and Oleksii – are being maximally responsible about this. However, they would not manage to cope with the illness without help of volunteers and simply kind people. Last summer we also helped to buy necessary medicine. Mother Natalia has embroidered an image of Mary with a little Jesus in her hands for me.

This year we have presented a tablet to Zlata, worth 1200 hryvnias – so she would have something to do in the hospital.

Zlata has all the medicine so far. She will need special vitamins – I will buy them upon arrival to Prague.

I love this funny girl and her parents!   God help them and save them.

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