Current needs of the Ukrainian soldiers

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UEP Center for the Help to Ukraine provides direct humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian soldiers, military and civilian hospitals in the war zone. We receive and send humanitarian aid, medical and protective material for the fighting against the Russian aggressor in Ukraine. In this article, we list the elements which are needed for the effective defense of our home country. 


There are a few ways how you are able to support our soldiers. The most effective one would be to make a donation. Throughout our long history, we collected contacts of dozens of suppliers who provide high-quality products. We will report the use of the money directly to you (upon request) and share the report of the delivery on our social media (Facebook page). You can make a donation on our NGO’s transparent account:

Raiffeisen Bank a.s., 6283201001 / 5500NNO
variable symbol: 2022,
note: your name, SOSUKRAJINACZ.

For International Transfers
IBAN CZ8755000000006283201001


We can send you a confirmation of the donation upon request, it can be used for the tax reports. You also can buy an item from the list which is provided below. We regularly deliver the most needed items to the places where soldiers require them the most. 

Updating the list of necessary things:

   – Individual tactical first aid kits (empty or filled)

   – Rescue backpacks

   – Original tourniquet to stop bleeding

   – Body armor (4+ level) and ballistic helmets

   – Two-way radios (with many channels)

   – Infrared night vision 

   – Camouflage nets

   – Long-lasting paverbanks

   – Sleeping bags

   – Mats

   – Snikers and other energy bars

   – Canned food (meat and fish)

   – Medicines against pain and colds

   – Medical material for the treatment of burns

   – Betadine (green in plastic 30 ml.)

   – Hydro Tac

   – Hemostatics

   – Traumatic scissors

   – Travmacel

   – Decompression needles

   – Antibacterial wetting wipes (small)

   – dexamethasone in 1 mm ampoules


You can bring the purchased things to the UEP Center. We are located by the following address:

Táborská 372/36, Praha 4 Nusle. From 10:00 to 19:00.


Please put everything in a box and sign what’s in it. It will help us a lot.

For information call 

                             +420776467609 Alla Melykovych,

                             or +420 775 781 997, Galina Andrejciv.


Thank you for your help.

Glory to Ukraine! 

Glory to the heroes!


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