NGО Ukrainian European Perspective, UAPORTAL.CZ and local volunteers have presented Ukraine at the family festival “Poznejme se, sousedé! – Let’s meet, neighbours!”, as a part of cultural cooperation with Prague 3 district. 

Everyone, who came to the Parukářka park that day, had a chance to see culinary shows, try delicious food from all over the planet, participate in workshops of juggling and face-painting, listen to the song of people from different countries, learn the art of Chinese calligraphy.

Ukrainians offered the guests varenyky, grilled meat, lard with garlic, home-made sausages, pickled vegetables, stuffed bell peppers, crepes with meat and mushrooms, Ukrainian horilka and home-made liqueurs from Lviv, kvass and other Ukrainian specialities. The main beauty of the feast was the home-baked korovai from Lviv.
Many guests have tried Ukrainian cuisine for the first time, and Ukrainian tent was especially popular.

Dance ensemble “Dzherelo” have performed Ukrainian dance and music band “Ignis” have played with such an energy, that people did not want to let them go.

Volunteers in the Ukrainian tent worked well and sold food and drinks for the 22 000 Kč, and after deducting all the spendings, they had 16 000 Kč left. This money will be used as a first deposit for organizing the holiday for the children, who had suffered from the war in Eastern Ukraine – as a part of the UEP’s project Czech holidays for Ukrainian children. This winter there will be 5th holiday for the children from Ukraine, organized by UEP together with volunteers in Czech Republic.

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