We see the potential of Ukraine to become a developed European country.

We also see the problems that prevent it – corruption, ineffective judicial system, double standards and inability to fulfil the obligation for successful cooperation with the European Union. These are systemic problems that do not solve the problem, even if it is measured in millions of crowns.


That is why it was decided to launch the “Europe in Ukraine” project and involve European parliamentarians. Together with the Ukrainian Support Group, we plan to work on building Europe in Ukraine from the inside. The support team will focus on the following aspects to reduce the gap between Ukraine and its ambitions for EU membership:

  • Acceleration of reforms, in particular economic ones, aimed at gradually abolishing monopolies, limiting the role of oligarchs in the economy of the country; as well as in the banking and financial sectors – to combat money laundering and tax evasion
  • Working with private and public investments in the social and economic infrastructure of Ukraine – with obligatory feedback and verification of investment use
  • Reforming the judicial system and public administration sector, in order to fight corruption and organised crime
  • Conducting electoral reforms based on roadmaps with clearly defined goals to improve the electoral framework and ensure the application of existing EU norms
  • Integration of Ukraine into the European transport system
  • Partnership in the industrial sphere
  • Increase of Ukraine’s participation in EU programs
  • Working on the successful implementation of visa-free regime by Ukraine and avoiding the use of the mechanism of temporary suspension of “no-visa” in the future
  • Maintaining unity of action among EU member states in preserving collective pressure on Russia to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine
  • Maintenance of the OSCE monitoring committee

The Ukrainian support team try its best to create the conditions for a close political association and economic integration of Ukraine into the European Union as effectively as possible.


Join the Project, and support Ukraine on the path to European Integration.

We sincerely believe that together we can build the future of our country!

Contact the project team:

Marianna Danyliv
– Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the UEP, Director General of the “Europe in Ukraine” project.

Vasyl Miroshnychenko
– Director of Public Relations of the “Europe in Ukraine” project.

Michael Burchill
– Managing Director of the “Europe in Ukraine” project.

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