Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko has spoken for the adoption of a special law on the confiscation of real estate and funds in bank accounts that have no official explanation, and believes that the need for such a law may be used in an electoral campaign to the Verkhovna Rada.

“The most urgent issue is an introduction of a law similar to the recent British one – a special law that allows the confiscation of real estate or accounts that have no official explanation. This is the law that Ukraine has needed for a long time,” the prosecutor general said on air of the TV channel on Tuesday after the debate in the European Parliament on corruption in Ukraine.

He recalled that the Verkhovna Rada had several times considered the bill on the so-called special confiscation, but failed to pass it. Therefore, at the moment, the law-enforcement agencies confiscate property obtained through criminal means based on the provisions of the old law, and the confiscation procedures are very complicated and “often subject to attacks by interested persons, both publicly and legally.”

“Therefore, we need a law on special confiscation, and it is very important to take into account the British experience, which is very simple and clear: if a law enforcement system asks a question of any citizen or guest of the UK: ‘Please show the sources of, for example, a five-story house in central London’ and if these sources do not exist, this property passes into the state ownership and later is sold at an auction. The same goes for the funds that are frozen in the accounts. From my point of view, such procedure would speed up cleansing Ukraine of corruption and criminality,” Lutsenko said.

At the same time, the prosecutor general said he doubted that such a law could be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the current convocation. “I think that this law will not be passed by this parliament, but it can become one of the key concepts around which it is possible to build the next election campaign to the next parliament,” he said.


Discussion 24.04.2018 (photos by SME Europe)

“Can Ukraine Win Its War on Corruption?”
– a Joint Anti-Corruption Discussion

Arne Gericke
Member of the European Parliament

Welcome & Opening Speech

Lukas Mandl
Member of the European Parliament

Welcome & Opening Speech

Boguslaw Gertruda
Team Leader for Relations with Ukraine, EEAS

Introduction Speech

Yurii Lutsenko
Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Honorable Speech

Yeugeniy Yenin
Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine


Lord Daniel Brennan QC
Expert on Anti-Corruption Practices Worldwide


Tomas Zdechovsky
Member of the European Parliament

Impulse Statement

Petras Austrevicius
Member of the European Parliament

Impulse Statement

Tobias Gotthardt
Chair Working Goup “Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship” of SME CONNECT



April 25th, 2018. Brussels Ukrainian European Perspective jointly with SME Europe and European SME Business Club organized a breakfast meeting with Yuriy Lutsenko Prosecutor-General of Ukraine in the European Parliament in Brussels. The meeting was attended by MEPs Michal Boni and Ivan Stefanec, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the EU Mykola Tochytskiy, Deputy Prosecutor General Dr. Eugene Yenin, representatives of the European Commission and European External Action Service, think tanks and diplomatic corps. Dr. Ingo Friedrich, President of the European Economic Senate and former Vice-President of the European Parliament moderated a lively discussion.

“I am happy that Ukrainian European Perspective has managed to organize jointly with our Brussels partners two events with the Prosecutor General in the European Parliament. Curbing corruption must be a top priority for the Ukrainian government. Ukraine’s European integration depends on the progress in tackling it,” said Marianna Danyliv, Director of the UEP.

In his remarks, Yuriy Lutsenko shared his insights on where Ukraine is at the moment on combatting corruption. He updated speakers on the cooperation of the anti-corruption agencies and PGO’s achievements in prosecuting members of the Yanukovych government. He appealed to the European partners of Ukraine for help with tracing and recovering stolen assets.

While providing comments Michal Boni, MEP and former Minister of Administration and Digitization of Poland remarked: “Ukraine boasts a strong IT sector. I believe Ukrainian government should take advantage of it and build a robust E-government, which will minimize corruption to a great extent.”

“Slovakia introduced legislation which required all public offices to publish all contracts worth over 5000 Euro. This one piece of legislation has substantially decreased corruption in the government procurement sector. Perhaps, Ukraine could replicate Slovakian experience,” said Ivan Stefanec during his impulse statement.

Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Partner at CFC Consulting and advisor to UEP spoke on entrepreneurship and SMEs in Ukraine. He covered the importance of independent courts, simplification of the tax administration, education for SMEs especially in the field of financial literacy, management and marketing. He mentioned the need to ease access to capital and spoke at length about the inspiration and empowerment needed to bring up a strong cohort of SMEs in Ukraine, which will serve as a backbone of its democracy.

Working Breakfast 25.04.2018 (photos by SME Europe)

Entrepreneurship in Modern Ukraine –
a joint Anti-Corruption Discussion Working Breakfast

Dr. Ingo Friedrich
Honorary Member of the European Parliament, President of the
European Economic Senate

Welcome & Opening

Elmar Brok
Committee on Foreign Affairs


Yurii Lutsenko
General Prosecutor of Ukraine

Honorable Speech

Katja Lenzig
SGUA Unit, DG NEAR, European Comission

Keynote Speech

Vasyl Myroshnychenko
Co-founder Ukraine Crisis Media Centre; Partner at CFC Consulting, a Kyiv-based strategic communications firm; Director of the Ukrainian- British City Club

Keynote Speech

Michal Boni
MEP, Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee

Impulse Statements

Ivan Stefanec
MEP, Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

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