Riots in Ukraine: Czech Republic is gathering material and financial help for demonstrators. Everyone can join.

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Ukrainians, who live in Czech Republic, are gathering material and other types of help for demonstrators in Ukraine. 

Nekompromisně.cz takes liberty to publish one of the appeals of the Ukrainian European Perspective, in which it is asking Czech citizens to help.

Taken from the Facebook of Galina Andrejciv:

SOS – Help people on Ueromaidan to survive the cold and supposrt their determination!

In Prague we started collecting things for people in Kyiv. You can also contribute, join us, please! The goal of this is to provide an urgent help for people on the Euromaidan, that will help them to continue demonstrations and to cope with the cold weather. Everything gathered we will pass onto volunteers in Ukraine. 

We are collecting warm clothes. Second hand old things, that you can offer. It is -18C to -24 in Kyiv at night!
Coats, jackets, gloves, hats, scarfs, warm socks, warming insoles for the shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, insulating mats – sleeping pads…

Clothes, medicines and food for demonstrators. 

Enterosgel, gypsum dressing bandage, very much lacking needle holders, surgical scissors, clamps, surgical probes, Jodisol solution, Betadine (or other disinfecting solution for open wounds)… Also anything from the drugstore will work (jelení lůj!), materials for disinfecting hands and skin, vitamin C, also anything for hygiene. 

Thermo cups, herbal teas, durable food, such as canned food and instant soups. Also construction glasses and masks (they help in case of a gas attack), elbows and knees protectors, skiing helmets. 

You can bring things and finances to the address: Opletalova 39, Praha 1, Ukrajinsko Evropská Perspektiva.
Please call in advance – Galina Andrejciv, tel.: +420 775 781 997
From today until cancellation: Mon – Fri from 10.00 till 18.00

If you would like, you can write and attach the letter for the demonstrators in Kyiv. It is not at all o problem, if it is in Czech (we will translate if possible). There is a board on Maidan for the messaged like that. Moral support is needed. 

Bank account for the financial help:

Raiffeisen Bank a.s., Česká republika acc. num. for charitable donations: 6283201001 / 5500 variable symbol: 2014
As a note, please fill in your name, Supposrt Majdan, or you can also stay an anonymous donor. 

Similar campaigns are happening in many different countries and they are testimonies of solidarity and unity of the people.

We thank you all for your support!!!

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